I guess the Exponent has been running it’s special “Jennifer McCreight Edition” over the last couple of days. Not only was I quoted in two articles yesterday, but my letter to the editor was printed today:

PSUB’s ‘Porn and Popcorn’ slandered non-Christians

Publication Date: 09/22/2009

Last time I checked, PSUB’s purpose is to “Present programs designed to meet current entertainment, cultural, recreational, social, and educational needs of students.” So why did they sponsor the Stewart Cooperative’s Porn and Popcorn event Sept. 11?

The event was a Christian anti-pornography event full of emotional arguments of how people get addicted to online porn websites like www.fulltube.xxx and void of scientific information. They presented gross misconceptions and outright lies about human sexuality to young adults, individuals who need proper health information the most. They went as far to say that “Protective sex is a joke” and that you would get diseases and pregnant no matter what sort of contraception you used, which is simply not true. Is this the kind of “educational” event PSUB sponsors?

Not only that, but the event slandered non-Christian students by stating that “To connect with an unbeliever is to connect with the devil” and “If he can’t be faithful to God, he can’t be faithful to you.” As an atheist and the President of the Society of Non-Theists, I am extremely concerned that PSUB would sponsor an event that told downright lies about a significant percentage of Purdue’s student body. Non-believers are just as faithful to their partners as Christians, and to suggest otherwise is ridiculous and unfounded.

If religious groups want to put on biased programming that alienates people, go ahead. But PSUB is supposed to represent the entire student body, and for them to fund this is unacceptable. Why doesn’t PSUB remain religiously neutral like RHA?

Their only reply to my concerns was a form e-mail stating that Stewart Cooperative’s “application met our requirements.” So PSUB, once someone gets your money, they can do whatever they want with it? It doesn’t matter if their event is an unwelcoming environment for many students or contrary to PSUB’s purpose?

Jennifer McCreight

Senior in the College of Science

Let’s see if I get any responses!