At least according to Conservapedia’s idiotic reply to all of the atheists giggling at their Fatty McFatterston argument. It’s impressively more brainless than the original article, but this part aimed at PZ Myers spoke to me, personally:

When faced with body weight challenges, real men set weight loss goals,


publicly declare their weight loss goals,

Ditto! And for charity, too!

and of course, use the Total Gym.

Awwwwww, and I was soooooo close to becoming a Real Man (TM)! All because I didn’t use Chuck Norris’s weight loss program. Apparently standing in front of an American flag in tight jeans burns a lot of calories.I wonder how Conservapedia would deal with the fact that two prominent atheists started a public weight loss routine right before they made all of these ludicrous claims. Oh, right, the way they deal with all contrary evidence: ignoring it.