Remember how my car randomly flooded a couple of weeks ago? Well, now it’s my apartment’s turn! The apartment above mine had their bath tub’s plumbing leak, resulting in water draining down the wall into my apartment. As soon as I realized why this was happening, I quickly alerted my upstairs neighbor and told them to find plumbing services by using the likes of this site or others to find similar plumbing companies that could aid them in fixing whatever was leaking! Things were quickly solved, but not before the damage was done. My hallway carpet is grossly soaked, and is currently covered in towels and has a fan blowing on it. My landlord was very prompt about fixing the leak and says he’ll take care of any damage to the carpet, but it’s still a pain in the ass. I’m glad he’s got in the professionals to get it sorted. Services like Plumbing Newark should definitely be called out if you have any issues with your plumbing. This is so ironic, just the other day my friend experienced this exact thing. She got home one day after work and found her house covered in water. It’s the last thing that someone wants to see, especially after a long day at work. She, luckily, was able to call a professional out from Paul The Plumber who was able to take a look at the problem and repair it quickly, saving her home from experiencing any structural damage. Hopefully, everything in my apartment will be ok too. The water was removed pretty quickly, so it should be fine.

I guess this exposes my biases. I always thought that if I were going to get smited by an angry god, it would be the Christian one. Not because that one is more likely to exist than the rest, but because I make fun of it the most. Little did I know it would be a water god who finally took their wrath out against this atheist. I’m not sure which of the dozens of water gods that may be, but I’m going to guess Poseidon since I’m half Greek.

Damn you, Poseidon!