An update on Damon Fowler’s struggles getting prayer removed from his graduation. Tonight was his school’s “Class Night,” which is apparently a tradition in the south. From what I can get from Googling, it’s partially a rehearsal for graduation, in addition to being a night where they announce senior awards.
Here’s the new “moment of silent” went in the graduation rehearsal:


This makes my blood fucking boil.

This is exactly why the separation of church and state is so important. This is why something so seemingly trivial to some – school led prayer – is so fucking important. They’ve proved our point. This girl used prayer as a weapon to separate the Good Christians from The Others. To alienate. To shun. To mock. And even more disgustingly, the community cheers along like a pack of warriors who have defeated their enemy, and laugh condescendingly at the mention of a moment of silence.

Bastrop High School, prepare to get the living fuck sued out of you. This may not be graduation, but it’s still a school function. It doesn’t matter if you told this girl not to say a prayer – the fact that you let it go on for three minutes is a crime. You should have turned off the mic and pulled her from the stage the moment “but” left her lips.


(Via the Support Damon facebook group)