That title got your attention, didn’t it?

It’s about a month until school starts, and less than a month until the Freshman come for orientation, so it’s time to start planning club events. I wanted to get in one last summer social, hopefully next week, but I really am awful at coming up with group social events. I’m the kind of person who likes to read, play videogames, watch a movie, troll the internet – all individual or small group activities. So when it comes to creating a fun summer activity for 30 people, I turn to others for their advice. The first answer out of everyone’s mouth?

Member: We could have an atheist bacchanalia orgy
Me: Why is that the number one suggestion I get from everyone?
Member: Hey, it’s not my fault it’s a popular idea for an event. Board game night?
Me: Eh, board game night is kind of the default…like, if I can’t think of anything else
Member: I know!
Me: ???
Member: Orgy game night!
Me: lol, thank you
Member: You’re welcome
Me: No strip Monopoly for you
Member: =(

I love my atheist friends.