I love reading the letters to the editor in our student newspaper. Really, it’s the only thing I’ll make sure to read every day, because it’s always chock-full of amusing letters. For example, this young man’s failed attempt to defend the Boy Scouts:

Boy Scouts organization does not discriminate

I am writing in response to Mr. Miller’s cheap shot at the Boy Scouts in his letter from Tuesday (“Hate to bear bad news, but humans have sex”). First off, it was unnecessary and childish, given that it was unrelated to the issue at hand (on which, coincidentally, I would tend to agree with you.) Secondly, the loss of funding to which you refer was politically motivated, rather than impartial.

However, the point is this: Boy Scouts, both as an organization and as individuals, do not discriminate. You cite atheists; one of Scouting’s core values is “duty to God.” (Note that no religion is specified.) Why, then would an atheist wish to join Scouts, other than to cause trouble?

You also mention homosexuals. Let’s stop and think for a moment: Scouts spend a large amount of time in the backcountry, far from “civilization,” for lack of a better word. The only ones around are the other boys in the troop, and the adult leaders. Do we really wish to place young boys in a position where they could be taken advantage of by an older boy or adult? Of course not.

Next time you take a shot at someone, take the time to learn the facts before you open your mouth; you’ll sound smarter.

Michael Harvath, Eagle Scout
Freshman in Engineering

Hmm, did someone just slander gays and atheists in one letter? Release the hounds!

Seriously, he got obliterated today, with six different letters refuting him. Go check them out. I’m pretty sure the majority of the writers are members of the Society of Non-Theists, so props to them! Always fun to hear the rational voices of Purdue!