I again apologize for not updating lately. I barely survived dead week, and I’ve spent this weekend recovering by hanging out with friends and playing endless hours of Civ4. My plan of Hindu world domination is going quite nicely, mwahaha! It is annoying how you HAVE to be religious in order to do well in the game. Even if you try not to be, your cities will invariably get infiltrated by your neighbor’s religion. It’s like a virus. I’d love to see a future version of Civ where late in the game you can learn atheism to replace your religions. Like, maybe religion helps until you get until the industrial era…and then being religious actually makes you take longer to develop different sciences and technologies or something. Of course, people freaked out enough when Civ decided to include religion. If they played atheism in that light people would probably shit bricks.

Other than that, I need to start studying for all of my finals…blah. After that I’ll be much happier, though! I’m having a big end of the semester party at my place on Saturday, which should be full of debaucherous fun, knowing my friends. And then once I’m no longer inebriated from that, I will resume my regular posting schedule. Promise! The cherry on top of the semester ending is that my ex is finally moving out of the apartment, so no more drama dealing with him. It’s been a lovely three months, let me tell you.

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