EDIT: After a million people telling me CafePress sucks, I jumped ship at went over to Zazzle. Much better!

The CafePress store is open, with a delightfully cheesy name to honor my blog: Blag Hag Swag. I’m awful, aren’t I?

Right now all I have is the I (squid) Cephalopods merch:It’s currently available on shirts, hoodies, baby clothes, coffee mugs, a tote bag, and per Molls‘s request, a thong:I have to figure out how much money I’d make in the store before I start putting more designs up. CafePress has a really lame system. Let’s say I have design A and design B. I want to print A on coffee mugs, but I also want to print B on coffee mugs. Well, I can’t unless I buy a premium account. I can print A on a mug and B on a white shirt, but not both on the same type of object. Premium accounts cost 60 bucks a year, and I make about 2 dollars an item…so I guess I have to figure out if I could actually make a profit selling nerdy atheist stuff. Hmm.

What do you guys think?