I did leave out one highlight from my St. Louis trip because it was so awesome that it deserved a post of its own. I received what could very well be the Most Hilariously Creative Atheist Gift Ever:Me: *pulling gift out of bag* Oh, cute, a Flying Spaghetti Monster! …*thinking* Wait, what is it attached to? Is this a blind fold? …There’s more in the bag…
Me: …*look of confusion*
Everyone else: *looks of extreme amusement*

I’m now the proud owner of a Flying Spaghetti Monster bondage set.

Seriously, I’m not sure if this level of awesomeness can be topped. The St. Louis Skeptics have set the bar pretty damn high when it comes to creative godless gifts. I’m afraid to challenge future groups I visit to try and top this… but I’m not going to discourage them either, as long as it doesn’t get too out of hand with products like this from this site.

Furthermore, what is even more outrageous about this whole scenario is the fact that this is not the first time that they have given someone a sex toy as a gift. According to one of the girls I befriended on my trip, someone else was given a sex toy made by a fleshlight competitor. I am not sure why this group is so fascinated by sex toys, but I definitely appreciate their sense of humor. Life can get too serious sometimes and there is nothing quite like a sex toy to break the ice.

Has anyone ever given you a sex toy as a gift before? Maybe you got gifted the perfect fit fat boy? Or some lube? Not even some jokey condoms? Let me know if so as I would genuinely love to hear about how you reacted.

Thanks for the awesome gift, St. Louis Skeptics, especially Claire, who I believe was the one who made it (if I’m wrong, please correct me! All your names started blurring together by 3am!). I think this is definitely an untapped niche market. Get cracking on that Atheist Sex Toy Etsy Shop!