And yes, by teabaggers I mean Tea Party members. I think I rather have my Atheist Barbie Photoshopped with a pair of balls in her mouth* then be awfully transformed like she was:Aaauuuuuugghhh nooooooooooooo! God, it’s not even a good Photoshopping job. At least I put forth some effort. He couldn’t even find his own Barbie to Photoshop, he had to go and add on top of mine! And then not credit me for it! …Well, I guess it’s good that he deleted the link to my blog, since I don’t want to be associated with Tea Party bullshit. At least someone else has already gone ahead and fixed it (and pointed out Atheist Barbie was originally from here):Thank you, Sadly, No!, for pointing out that creativity and good work ethic are not traits of teabaggers.

Speaking of creativity and working hard, back to writing my thesis (almost done!).

*Though that does not mean you have to go do it. Seriously. Please don’t.